71 years old and counting, Winter Park Resort is officially open for business!

The 71st season of operation for the Winter Park Ski Resort is already 2 weeks old, so let’s first take a look at how we started, and how we’re doing.

All things considered, opening day wasn’t as bad as many had feared, in the light of the Indian summer we were experiencing for the most part of October, and only one major snowstorm towards the end of the month. Indeed a mixture of warmer-than-average temperatures in November and very little snow until about a week before opening day, was causing more than a little anxiety among Ski Area hierarchy, and didn’t bode well for bookings not just over Thanksgiving, but early bookings for the season as a whole. Thankfully overnight temperatures were sufficiently cold enough for the snow-making machines to operate for many hours during the night, and even though they’re an inferior substitute for the real thing, at least a decent base on a few runs was established early on for upcoming Winter Park skiing.

What we desperately needed was good press, and lots of it, to advertise to all potential ski resort vacationers, that we were open for business and it was time to book a Winter Park ski vacation in Colorado! Fortunately, we were visited by a few storm systems that dumped fairly decent amounts of snow in the run-up to opening day, and while they were more in the form of “solid showers” rather than “major dumps which caused chaos across the region” (headlines we really like), the ski area did open with the following stats:

  • Snowfall last 24 hours:                       6.5”
  • Snowfall last 7 days:                           25.5”
  • “Season” snowfall                               55”      (i.e. total snow since it started snowing!)
  • Mid Mountain Base:                           34”
  • Summit Base:                                      37”
  • Number of lifts open:                          4
  • Number of trails open:                        8
  • Acres open:                                         53

If you didn’t already know and – according to the local Sky Hi Daily News and Winter Park Resort “Thanks to Jesus”, the season will be longer this year. With a later Easter, the season will run through Easter Sunday, April 24. Two notable, national events to watch out for this season are the NASTAR National Championship Race which returns to Winter Park for the second year running, plus the big one – the US Alpine Championships which was last held in Winter Park in 1992. What price Lindsey Vonn’s autograph?

Have a great season everyone.

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