Base Camp gives Staywinterpark a new dimension in Winter Park Lodging

OK – a fairly convoluted title, but the addition of Base Camp #476 to our portfolio of Winter Park Premier Properties is not just a case of having another unit to offer: this deluxe 4-bedroom townhome is adjacent to the ski trail that connects the base of Mary Jane to the base of Winter Park, and as such provides ski to/ski from accommodations – hence the new dimension in Winter Park Lodging.

You’ll notice I said ski to/ski from, because many (especially the Europeans) associate ski in/ski out with the ability to walk a few steps from your hotel or other lodging, snap into your skis or snowboards, and be on the trail immediately. Even new lodging at the base of Winter Park doesn’t meet this criteria, but then again, if you go searching for an “official” definition of ski-in/ski-out, you won’t find it. That you can walk up to the trail, fully clad in ski clothing with skis on your shoulder, in 2-3 minutes, and then get on a trail which takes you to the base of Winter Park, is really all the information you should need. If not that, then the free shuttle bus comes by within 25 yards of your front door.

I was up at the unit yesterday, taking “summer” photos for the website and our library, and the sound effects of Jane Creek cascading down within a few steps of the back deck were exhilarating. The unit has a covered, outdoor hot-tub and grill on the deck – envision sitting in the hot-tub with a glass or bottle of your favorite beverage, steak on the BBQ grill, a music festival to enjoy the next day – that’s what a summer getaway to the mountains is all about. Base Camp helps you do that.

I’ll let our webpage on Base Camp #476 tell the story of how fantastic this unit really is, and what a pleasure it is to be able to offer it up as a vacation rental in Winter Park.

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