Colorado Christmas Vacation

Depending on where you are, if you’re still “dreaming of a White Christmas”, then a Colorado Christmas vacation in Winter Park is a good way to go. Although I have been in Colorado for 22 years, I was born and bred in England, and the prospect of a White Christmas there during my childhood was a fascination, although it hardly ever came to fruition.

The Weather Outlook website, as of today, states that “It’s expected to be too mild for snow”, pretty much everywhere in the UK on Christmas Day. While we’re still 13 days away from Christmas Day, weather forecasters are loathe to predict conditions this far out. However, the longer-range forecast from states “The next storm arrives mid to late next week with another shot of snow for Colorado resort areas. Either way, the pattern stays pretty busy across the west and this is expected to be good for snow pack and conditions as frequent storms keep the snow coming right through the Christmas holiday period.” So, there’s a good chance for a White Christmas in Winter Park.

Historically, Winter Park has a great record for average seasonal snowfall, currently at 327 inches per season. This compares very favorably with Aspen at 300 inches, Copper with 279 and even Vail’s 8-year average of 297 inches.

And how are conditions right now? Well, as of today, there are 96 trails open at Winter Park Resort, served by 19 open lifts, which is pretty darned good for this time of the season. The resort has received an official 74.5 inches of snow so far and Snowforecast predicts 4-8 inches Friday-Saturday, although OpenSnow is less optimistic with 0-4 inches in its forecast. The very cold temperatures have meant that the snow that has fallen has stayed put and skiing conditions are fabulous with blue skies and sunshine to round everything off.

So, if you’re toying with the idea of getting away for a traditional Colorado Christmas vacation, then conditions in Winter Park are great, over two thirds of the mountain is open with likely more trails being opened over the next 2 weeks and snow is in the forecast for the Christmas Holidays. Furthermore, Staywinterpark still has some pockets of availability over the Holidays in our 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units, and we’re now accepting 2-night stays if you just want to get away for a short sharp burst of enjoyment! Give us a call or book online.

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