Hi Country Haus recreation center – Winter Park CO

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Hi Country Haus recreation center Winter Park CO has a new building!

The Hi Country Haus condominiums had a recreation center that was original built in the 1970s and over time had some small upgrades done to the building.  Over time the homeowner association decided that it would be in the best interests of the owners and guests to replace the building with a new one.

The original Hi Country Haus recreation center had an indoor swimming pool, 4 hot tubs, women’s and men’s locker room, coin operated laundry facilities and a lounge with fireplace, flat screen TV with free wi-fi access and a game room with ping pong table, pool table and various video games.

The new recreation center has a very modern look and feel to the building.  The exterior has colorful flash siding and where the new indoor pool is located, the vaulted ceiling is accented with lots of large windows for natural light.

The interior of the building has hardwood flooring throughout with wood paneling and tile accents.  There will still be a game room and new features will include a kitchenette area in the social room with fireplace and specific area designated for a kids room as well as a fitness center for the future.  The laundry area will have the coin operated machines and areas for folding laundry.

The locker rooms have a mountain theme with texture carpeting, wood paneled lockers, diaper changing stations, swim suit drying stations.

The spa area will include one large and one smaller indoor hot tub and the large indoor pool.  A welcome addition will be an outdoor hot tub on the new sun deck.

The completion of the center is getting closer and you can follow the progress and view photos of the construction and updates here.  Once the recreation center is open we will be updating our complex information page for the Hi Country Haus will the new information and pictures of the completed center.