July 4th Fireworks and More!

July, what a great month of the year. July 4th is probably one of the coolest holidays just because it is about us celebrating our independence. Obviously I don’t need to go into detail on what happened in 1776. Today is the day we parted our ways from Great Britain and became our own country. Now July 4th is a day that we celebrate with family, friends, fireworks and a grill. Winter Park’s Lance Gutherson has been hosting his fireworks celebration for many years. Today the town of Winter Park will congregate around 9 o’clock to watch fireworks. For as long as Americans can remember we have been setting off fireworks on July 4th. The reason we set off fireworks on July 4th is because John Adams wanted us to. Before the Declaration of Independence was even signed, he envisioned fireworks as a part of the festivities. The first commemorative Independence Day fireworks were set off on July 4, 1777 or at least that is when it was recorded. In 1783 fireworks were commonly sold in the United States of America. Tradition alone, of course, does not explain the popularity of fireworks here and abroad. As with many festive decorations, including streamers, confetti, festival lights, and balloons, people often appreciate them simply for their bright colors. Others may appreciate the technical ingenuity and the choreography that goes into the show. And others just like dramatic loud noises, the sense of destruction, and the thrill of danger. Over time, fireworks shows can bring back memories of other festive occasions and warm summer nights. On the other hand, there are the occasional fireworks haters. All in all, it seems that fireworks and independence go hand in hand. The reason that they go together so well is the explosions and the smiles that it can bring to you faces.