Warren Miller Presents: Wintervention

Are you in need of a Wintervention?  Get geared up for the 2010-2011 season with skiing icon Jonny Moseley and an impressive lineup of industry all-stars.

Warren Miller Entertainment’s 61st annual ski and snowboard film understands the challenges of the snow-dicted.  Wintervention takes snow obsessed to a whole new level, as the Warren Miller crew follows some of the best skiers and riders in the industry across the globe.  Viewers will enjoy footage from locales such as Alaska, Norway, Canada, and Antarctica with a cast of riders that includes Chris Davenport, JJ Thomas, Lindsey Vonn, Hogo Harrison, Andy Mahre, Jossi Wells and Zach Black –all with the commentary and style that Warren Miller film lovers have grown to love about the franchise.

Check out the film while visiting Winter Park!  Show times are 6pm and 9pm at the Silver Screen Cinema on October 28.

For more information on showtimes and locations, visit Warren Miller’s Interactive Tour Map.