An old-fashioned Colorado sleigh ride is a popular option for many people in search of an all-round winter vacation experience. Gather the family or friends together and go dashing through the snow in a sleigh pulled by a team of horses. Enjoy some peace and serenity with great scenery along the way.

Sombrero Stables is Colorado’s premier horse outfitter which operates out of a location at Snow Mountain Ranch. Take a hhorse-drawnsleigh beneath the stars and moon. A bonfire with hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows await you. Call 970-887-1999 for time, rates and reservations.

Dashing Thru the Snow Sleigh Rides: Take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the forest and enjoy hot chocolate and roast marshmallows over a fire while taking in a spectacular view of the Continental Divide. Group or private rides available. Call 970-726-0900 or 888-38HORSE.