Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado, is known as one of the nation’s oldest, largest and finest natural hot mineral springs resort and spa. Located at 7,600 feet elevation and in operation continually for the past 140 years, visitors from all over the world come to relax and enjoy the sacred waters where the Ute Indians once bathed, healed mind, body, and spirit.

In 1997 Hot Sulphur Springs underwent a major renovation. Close to $1 million was spent to improve the facility and upgrades continue to take place each year. The structures of the resort were completely rebuilt for mechanical, structural and exterior improvements.

The Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa is now a quiet, relaxing, therapeutic and health-oriented facility. From an original 7 pools, there are now 22 pools and private baths in all sizes, shapes, and depths, plus a new jet spa and outdoor oriental bath and solarium pool. Try the new lap-therapy-soaking pool or outdoor private pagoda pool. A summer swimming pool for all ages is open May through October, plus three warm pools for children under 16 with paying adults. Most recently, a new children’s cascade pool was installed as well as a new slide on the outdoor summer pool.

Thirty-five thousand feet below the surface of the earth, the heat of volcanic rock is released through countless fissures that spread out through the earth’s crust. In Hot Sulphur Springs, there are seven natural springs flowing above the largest fissure that have been flowing constantly for hundreds of years, surfacing at about 104ºF to 126ºF. Over 200,000 gallons of natural hot mineral-rich water flow through the 22 mineral pools and baths every day at controlled temperatures of 95º to 112ºF. No chemicals are added to the mineral water which is neither filtered nor re-circulated. There is daily maintenance and cleaning of the pools and lines. All used water is returned to the Colorado River, adjoining the property.

Minerals in the water include sodium, sulfate, chloride, silica, potassium, calcium, fluoride, magnesium and trace elements of arsenic and lithium, all of which are good for the inside and outside of the body. There are no abrasive minerals or harmful elements in the water.

In addition to the springs, Hot Sulphur operates a full 16-room spa and treatment center. Enjoy a massage, salt glow, facial, body wrap, pedicure, manicure and more! The massages available are an integration of many techniques including the traditional Swedish relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and many other massage techniques.

The town of Hot Sulphur Springs, is located 1 hour and 45 minutes northwest of Denver via I-70 to Highway 40 and only 30 minutes west of the Winter Park Ski Area. For more information, go to the Hot Sulphur Springs website.