HOA Management

The HOA management of a property is a combination of our in-house maintenance and business operations. Find out what CMC can do for you! Below is listed some of the services CMC offers as a Winter Park property management company. Please keep in mind that these clauses may change depending on your association’s specific contract with CMC.

The information below is only an outline – please use the links for Property Management or Business Management for more specific information on these services.

Property Management

Maintain external porches, decks, paths and walkways. Heat and Water Systems, Security checks, lawn services, semi-annual building inspections, chimney cleaning, 24 hour emergency maintenance services. Learn more about our property management services.

Business Management Services

Basic Accounting, Financial reports, provide all general office supplies and general administrative expenses, data processing, association insurance policies, assist any owner, buyer, real estate or lending institution with the sale of property. Short term loans, request, and newsletters to owners and long-term maintenance reserves for reports. Learn more about our business management services.