Property Management Services

Find out what CMC can do for you! Below is listed some of the property management services CMC offers as a property management company. Please keep in mind that these clauses may change depending on your association’s specific contract with CMC. Home owners please refer to your specific property management association contract.

Porches & Decks

  • Clean off trash and debris from public decks weekly (decks will be blown unless outlets are provided on public decks, in which case, they will be vacuumed).
  • Replace burned out security lights. Provide light bulbs for common lights (excludes so drum vapor/halogen bulbs.)
  • Arrange for exterior fire extinguishers to be recharged (excludes materials).
  • Reset security light timers as needed.

Paths & Walkways

  • Snow removal after 4″ of snow.
  • Delineate and gravel existing walkways – annually.
  • Realign rock borders around walkways and parking lots – rock and labor.


  • Upon request of the Association the Manager will have a professional roofing contractor (preferably the contractor who installed the most recent roof) inspect the roof and submit a bid for any necessary repairs.

Heat & Water Systems

  • Check thermostat, adjust settings and verify proper operation. This procedure will be performed daily when weather conditions warrant it from December to March. During the fall months, the Manager will enter each unit and turn the heat on to avoid any unnecessary frozen pipes.
  • Lube heat and water pumps quarterly (labor not included).
  • Bleed airlocks from heat system and re-light pilot lights when out (labor not included).
  • Coordinate with State Boiler Inspector and annual inspection and post license.
  • Maintain bi-weekly log on boiler temperatures and pressures, adjust furnace to maintain pressures and temperatures (labor not included).
  • Clean and sweep boiler room as required.
  • Check system for antifreeze lever and maintain -10 degrees Fahrenheit (installation and materials not included and subject to the annual approval of the Building President).
  • During extremely cold periods, daily inspection of the boiler for proper operation and inspection to verify that the heating system is operating properly. Verify that the heat is on and operating in condominiums where pipe freezing has been a historical problem (labor not included).


  • Twice-monthly security check performed for every condominium by checking doorknob to ensure it is locked and checking for lights on when unit does not appear to be occupied.
  • Sheriff-liaison service – disturbance checking and reporting.


  • Fertilize and seed lawns – once annually for existing lawns.
  • Provide fertilizer and grass seed.
  • Mow lawns and trim edges weekly (depending on weather conditions and need).
  • Provide hoses and sprinklers.
  • Pick up trash on lawns.
  • Remove fallen tree branches.
  • Water lawns (within water restrictions).
  • Cut down and remove dead trees (once per year, labor not included).


  • Replace lights in the furnace room and crawl space.
  • Replace burned-out electric plug outlets in parking areas.
  • Unplug toilets and disposals and re-hang sliding closet doors. (Labor not included)
  • Upon Association’s request, obtain bids for exterior painting, new boilers, deck carpeting, etc.

Semi-Annual Building Inspection

The Manager will prepare a report containing maintenance observations, suggestions, etc. that is mailed to each owner.

Chimney Cleaning

  • Contract with chimney cleaner to remove excess soot from each chimney in the building – every 3rd year (chimney cleaning expense not included).

Provide 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Service

  • All repairs will be made on a time and material basis.

Our property management team ensures homeowners and renters alike that everything will be taken care of with professionalism and service.