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Hi Country Haus in Winter Park, CO

  • Beds: 1-3
  • Baths: 1-3
  • Sleeps: 2-8

We have several rentals available in the Hi Country Haus community that are perfect for small groups or single travelers. These units have between one and three bedrooms with excellent amenities and decor and plenty of living space.

In addition to wonderful condos, the complex has a modern recreation center in the complex. All guests can enjoy its spacious great room with a pool table and kitchenette, a lounge area with a gas fireplace, free WiFi, locker room, paid laundry and, of course, an indoor pool with multiple hot tubs. 

Hi Country Haus is also located downtown, making it an ideal option for visitors looking to experience the best shops, restaurants, and activities in Winter Park. There is so much to do, see and explore on your next trip to the Rockies, don't miss a thing start planning your vacation today!

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Hi Country Haus not for you? Browse our diverse selection of Winter Park complexes throughout the valley to find the right place for you and your group! And if you're looking for a deal don't forget to browse our ever changing deals and specials that won't break the bank.

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