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Cleaning And Safety In Your Vacation Rentals

Cleaning and safety in your vacation rental is a top priority for Stay Winter Park to ensure that all of our guests, homeowners and our staff remain safe.

The new policies and procedures we have adopted are in accordance with industry standards outlined by VRMA, WHO and CDC as well as our own in-house enhancements to provide a comfortable stay for your Winter Park vacation.

Rental Unit Protocols:

  • We have gone to each of our rental units and completed a deep clean that included the professional laundering of all bedding, towels, rugs, decorative pillows and throws.  Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • We have removed all bed skirting, decorative blankets and throws, decorative pillows and pillow shams.
  • We have ordered extra pillow casings and mattress covers that will be replaced before the arrival of each new guest.
  • Implementing double sheeting with an additional clean white top sheet over the blankets for all beds.
  • There will be extra blankets in the unit in a safety shrink-wrapped container.
  • All products in the unit for guest use will be individually wrapped.
  • Many of our rental units provide a keyless entry for guests to ensure minimal contact with others.
  • For any of our rental units that require a physical key for entry, we will email the instructions for secure pick up at our lock box.
  • Any of our rental units that have a private hot tub will be serviced and properly sanitized prior to guest arrival.

Housekeeping products:

  • All hard surfaces will be sanitized with a hydrogen-peroxide spray that will eliminate viruses within 45 seconds.
  • All drapes, window coverings and soft surfaces will receive a sprayed disinfected cleaner.
  • An additional cleaning produces will be used to help eliminate virus and bacteria.
  • All of our staff have under gone training to use these new cleaning products and enhanced safety protocols.
  • All units will be inspected by our room quality staff members to ensure the cleanliness, organization and the room is ready for our guest to enter.
  • Our professional grade washers and dryers are set for the correct temperatures to eliminate bacteria and spores.
  • We launder all of our linens and towels in house with professional grade washers and dryers.
  • Our detergents and bleaches meet all CDC guidelines for laundering.

Staff Safety and Operations:

All of our housekeeping and maintenance team members will be wearing masks, protective gloves and shoe coverings when they enter a rental unit. All of these items are one-use and the staff will be provided with new PPE.

  • If there is a time that our maintenance or housekeeping members are required to enter the property while it is occupied by a guest or owner, we will reach out prior to entering the unit. The occupant of the unit may be asked to vacate or isolate within the unit for our staff to address the problem.
  • All staff members have been trained and practice the proper CDC guidelines for hand washing, sanitizing and disinfecting all common area within our office.
  • Social distancing within the office space has been adapted for safety and comfort of our staff.
  • Stay Winter Park has partnered with companies to provide up-to-date technologies for electronic check-in/out, guest messaging and easy online booking.
  • Staff members are to stay home if they feel ill and report to us if this is the case so we may assist them if needed.