Paddle Boarding in Winter Park

Thing To Do Paddle Boarding in Winter Park

Since about 2010, paddleboarding has become more popular and mainstream. Stand up paddleboards (SUP) offer a fun, relaxing way to play on the water. With minimum gear or experience, you can paddle placid lakes and rivers. Paddleboarding delivers a full-body workout and thus has become a popular cross-training activity. Grand County has a plethora of areas that offer SUP along with kayaking and boating such as Grand Lake, Lake Granby, Shadow Mountain lake and Williams Ford Reservoir.  Below are companies that offer paddleboard rentals and more near Winter Park, Colorado!

Where To Rent Paddleboards And More

Rocky Mountain SUP

SUP on Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake. Rocky Mountain SUP offers paddleboard lessons, rentals and tours. Lessons are offered daily from 8-10 a.m.; SUP Yoga is also available for relaxation of mind and body. 970-557-5150

Trail Ridge Marina

Rent paddleboards for the whole family at Trail Ridge Marina. Take paddleboards out onto Shadow Mountain Lake right from the marina’s dock or head to the shore. Reserve paddleboards for one, two or four hours. 970-627-3586

Grand Lake Marina

SUP and kayak rentals are available right on the shores of Grand Lake at Grand Lake Marina. All rentals include life jackets and paddles. Rentals are available for anywhere between one and four hours. Call or go online for reservations. 970-627-9273

Colorado River Rentals

Experience the upper Colorado River on a SUP by renting gear from Colorado River Rentals. Other gear is available such as kayaks, wet suits, rafts and more. There are also options to get your gear dropped off or picked up right on the river. Call or book online. 970-726-5290

Paddleboarding Tips & Safety

SUP Gear

SUP is an accessible activity for many ages and abilities that requires minimal gear. Besides the paddleboard, you’ll want to make sure you have a paddle, personal flotation device, safety whistle and leash. Rental companies will usually provide all of these accessories with your SUP. While on the water, paddleboarders should wear some kind of swimsuit in the summer and a wetsuit in the winter. Protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunglasses, sunscreen and sun-protective clothing.

SUP Techniques

Get onto your board by starting in a kneeling position behind the center point of the board. Position your hands on the side of the board to maintain stability as you carefully transition to standing. Once standing, make sure your feet are parallel at hip-width distance apart. Keep knees slightly bent with your head and shoulders upright. Avoid staring at your feet. Shift weight by moving your hips.

When holding a paddle, it should angle away from you and toward the front of the board. When paddling on the right side, your left hand should be on the T-grip and your right hand lower on the shaft. Reverse hand positions as you switch sides.

If you lose your balance, make sure to fall into the water rather than on the board to avoid injury. Get back on your board near the center, and use the handles to pull yourself back on the board.

Relax After A Day On The Water

Whether you just spent the day paddleboarding at an unnamed alpine lake, Colorado River or Shadow Mountain Reservoir, you’ll want to relax after a day on the Water. StayWinterPark offers conveniently located vacation rentals that vary in style and accommodation type. Consider one of the Beaver Village Condos located near Mad Adventures to easily pick up your SUP gear before heading out for the day!