Thing To Do

Rocky Mountain National Park

Located only 45 minutes from Winter Park - come visit year round to one of our national treasures.  Established in 1915, the park offers a glance into the past with several historic buildings and trails that highlight the great Western frontier. Many species of plant and wildlife inhabit the part making for an unforgettable outdoor adventure for you to enjoy.

Basic Information

Take time to review the operating hours, fees and passes and where the visitor centers are located throughout the park.


The majority of outdoor activities are summer focused and include biking, climbing, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, specific ranger led programs, backpacking and wildlife viewing.

During the winter season there is still fun to be had!  Enjoy snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing and wildlife watching.

Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect day trip for you to enjoy on your next trip to the Winter Park area.

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