Grand County implements fire ban

The latest update for the fire ban is that due to the continued extreme fire danger and extended weahter forecast, Rocky Mountain National Park officials have announced a ban on all fires within the park. Campfires including charcoal briquette fires are not permitted anywhere within the park.

At 1pm on Tuesday, June 12th, the Grand County Sheriff’s office and county commissioners implemented a fire ban.
The fire ban is a ban on outdoor fires that include the sale and use of personal fireworks (although at this time commerical professional fireworks displays are allowed). Use of charcoal or gas grills on private property such as home decks is allowed, but the use of charcoal grills on public property is prohibited. Other use that is prohibited are: use of fire pits of any kind on private property (chimineas, wrought iron fire pits and backyard fire pits), burning of fence rows, irrigation ditches, fields, wildlands, trash and debris. It also strongly discourages smoking outside except within enclosed motor vehicles, building or developed picnic grounds or campgrounds.
The restrictions do not restrict the use of fire rings and pits at supervised, developed and established campground in Grand County including Rocky Mountain National Park. The public will be informed if there will be changes to a total ban in campground areas.
Penalties for violations of the fire ban in Grand County start at $100 per violation with court fines up to $1,000.

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