Top 12 Restaurant of the Month – Bistro 28

In line with my objective to have a meal out at least once a month, I thought it a good idea to act as restaurant critic at the same time and give a review of my dining experience. This week, I went to Bistro 28, which is the restaurant out at Pole Creek Golf Course, to partake in their “Burger Night”.

Accompanied by by wife and daughter, we arrived a little after 5PM, thereby qualifying for the “Kids 10 and under eat free” offer. My daughter had her usual Mac ‘N Cheese, and my wife and I ordered the homemade burger, fries and beer or wine special for $7.95 each. Hell of a deal! The food was great, the clubhouse is brand new, and considering that (of course) the golf course is closed in winter, the restaurant was buzzing! Locals have quickly discovered that Bistro 28 is a great restauarant to go to and escape the downtown Winter Park crowds. Inevitably, because our meal was such a good deal, we drank a couple more glasses of wine just to run the bill up, and because it’s so nice to go our for a treat.

They recommend making a reservation, and I can believe that because tables for a total of 36 settings were reserved when we walked in!

So there you have it. Go to for directions and more information.

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