Gasthaus Eichler Restaurant “Under Old Management”!

And by this I mean that the original owners, Hans & Hanne Eichler, are back in charge, running the hotel &¬†restaurant they established some¬†23 years ago. And yes, they wouldn’t necessarily classify themselves as spring chickens, but it’s great to see this quality restaurant operating once more after a few months hiatus.

The Eichlers actually first arrived in the valley in 1963, operating various businesses, and actually opened the Gasthaus Eichler Restaurant in Park Place Shopping Center in 1980. In 1987, they purchased property on Main Street, alongside Vasquex Creek, and built the current property which included 15 hotel rooms, bar, ski shop and of course the restaurant.

The great thing is that the original menu is back, and with it every item being made by hand. This restaurant has always had a reputation for being somewhere really nice to go to – for an anniversary, celebration or just as a treat. German cuisine favorites such as wiener schnitzel, jagerschnitzel, paprika goulash and rinmdsrolladen return, as are the regular fare of roasted duck, rocky mountain trout, steak diane and chateaubriand.

They’re open for lunch and dinner, and it’s quite possible that word hasn’t really truly got out that they’re up and running and welcoming¬†“old” customers and new diners alike. The Gasthaus Eichler website hasn’t yet got their menu posted, but pick up a Grand County Menu Guide from the front desk, or just swing by unannounced and you’re sure to experience the “wilkommen” atmosphere.

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