Posted on 6/8/2017

Trail Ridge Road is now open!

Trail Ridge Road is now open to visitors from June through mid-October, the 48-mile route between Estes Park to the east and the Town of Grand Lake to the west, takes in some of the finest scenery in Rocky Mountain National Park. It can take a long time to clear the road, it can take up to 42 days to get the road ready for visitors. Eleven miles of the route travel above the tree line, this is the longest and highest paved road in the United States. The route has been dubbed an All-American Road -- a designation given by the US Department of Transportation defining Trail Ridge Road as a unique roadway that is considered a tourist destination. Estimates on how long you'll need to enjoy the Trail Ridge Road vary somewhere between 2 and 4 hours i just depends on you. To avoid the worst of the traffic from wildlife consider setting out for the drive early in the morning or later in the afternoon. While driving you'll climb over 4,000 feet during the first few minutes of the ride. The scenery plays like a moving geological exhibit. The high tundra area is suggestive of landscapes you'd see in Alaska or Canada. Despite the barren feel of the terrain, colorful alpine plants blanket the rugged ground in the summer months like colorful carpets tossed out to dry in the sun. We suggest to take advantage of the many pullouts along the road, where you can stop to look at views that change as rapidly as the altitude. But, think twice before wandering off for a hike: rangers don't recommend hiking at altitude until you've adjusted to the thin air. Donât mistake the altitude and make sure you stay hydrated to avoid elevation sickness. Book a stay with us and start your adventure in Winter Park.
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