Posted on 7/25/2023

Summer Fun in Winter Park - beat the heat and enjoy festivals!

Summer Fun in Winter Park - beat the heat and get ready to kick off the festival season in the COOL mountain air!

Summer is turning out to be one of the hottest on record   and more heat is on the way.  This is very evident by the scorching temperatures that continue to occur around the US  - Phoenix there have been 19 days in a row over 110 degrees; Las Vegas has temperature from 110 for 10 days and Death Valley has been between 115-122.  The heat is now on the move to the mid-western US and still not sparing Texas and the south. 

Sounds like a need to escape and enjoy "mother natures natural air-conditioning" and beat the heat with StayWinterPark! We offer a number of vacation rentals in the cool Rocky Mountains with daytime temperatures in the 70s and 80s and evening temperatures in 40s and 50s.

Check our weather forecast page - see the relief you can enjoy and start planning your summer fun! 

Winter Park is has plenty of great activities to enjoy - festivals, rafting, hiking, bike competitions or just relax and enjoy the peace, quiet and scenery! 

7/29 Winter Park Brew Festival

8/5 Uncorked Festival and the Trestle Gravity series

8/12 SolShine Festival

8/19 Country in the Park

8/26 Tacos and Margs

Plein art painting - multiple dates

At the Winter Park Resort has free music on Saturday nights, outdoor Friday night free movies,  

Around the main downtown area of Winter Park - check out this year's trail art exhibits, specials and happy hour deals at restaurants, hiking, shopping and more!

Town of Fraser is just 2 miles from downtown Winter Park and offers plenty more activities - art festival, rodeos, mountain biking - quick link for booking!

Take a day trip to Grand Lake for boating, paddle boarding, or visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

BOOK TODAY!  You can park the car and walk to downtown Winter Park; stay in one of our remote cabins - nothing but you and nature.  Or choose one of our condo complexes with pools and private balconies to relax on. 

Call us at 1-800-215-6535 to book your mountain getaway.  Check our specials too - save on your trip!

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